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We specialise in 4x4 and commercial vehicles and aim to have great range and vehicles that represent value for money. We're always on the lookout for something a bit different and if we don't have what you're after let us know and we'll try and track it down for you through our network of sellers.

2014/15 FORD RANGER dual cab 4x4 69,000klms PX one owner Turbo Diesel with perfect books, lots of extras

Price: NOW $ 34,995.00


 PX   What an amazing example! update series 4x4 turbo diesel, absolute credit to its previous owner 3.5 tone tow bar,electric brakes, canopy, steps, black wheels as new tyres,roof racks etc,one owner, 69klms full history, wont last long

2016/17 HOLDEN COLORADO current shape 4x4, one government owner, as new, turbo diesel manual,  tow bar, new tyres with performance alloys, tornea cover, the works!




Gorgeous ute! Looks and drives amazing  turbo diesel manual, A/T tyres  long rego, one owner, great value! Thousands and thousands spent!


2015 upgrade Toyota Hilux 4x4  manual, only 149,000 klms loaded with gear, turbo diesel ,tow bar, bull bar, long heavy duty steel tray, council one owner

$ now has a country owner


 very popular , great fuel economy, turbo diesel,hard to find these days in this price range  Don't miss this!


2013 Ford Ranger Raptor auto

Price $to late sorry


2018-09-17 001 2018-09-17 003.JPG
2018-09-17 001 2018-09-17 004.JPG
2018-09-17 001 2018-09-17 001.JPG

2013/14  Have one of the best looking Rangers getting around, this is the best one you'll see anywhere, tasteful mods, Raptor pack etc, not over the top just how you'd like it! Goes like a rocket great value, wow what a vehicle

2018 TOYOTA HIACE AUTO Turbo Diesel thousands spent on extras, 69,000 klms perfect service history one owner last of the 3.0ltr


NOW $ sorry to late


Wow wow wow!!

4 Door 4x4 AUTO

one owner the best one you will find anywhere! the list goes on

Hard to find these day

Drives Spot on!

2016/17 TOYOTA HILUX 4X4 low klms Turbo diesel AUTOMATIC  one owner, suspension upgrade, perfarmance alloys, tow bar,etc

Price: NOW $ sold


Hard to find combo 

good klms  as new tyres, be quick!

2012 TOYOTA 200 series LANDCRUISER V8 Twin Turbo GXL only 129,000 klms

3.5 tonne towing

Price: $62,999

The King!

2012 twin turbo diesel auto 129,000 klms. Great looking vehicle, full service history one owner

Neat and tidy in and out

Workshop tested, drives well!

Great truck with plenty of life left!


2014/15 Mazda BT50 GT BLACK EDITION 3.2 litre 4X4 ONLY travelled 149,000 klms, , etc, one owner full service books, , turbo diesel 6 speed manual, spot on

$ 34,995.00


one owner  tow bar, all the gear  Turbo Diesel,  Wow!

2015 FORD RANGER XTRA CAB 4x4 3.2 litre turbo diesel series, MANUAL tow bar,GVM upgrade suspension ,one owner full service history, only 120 klms super hard to find atm

$to late sorry


Rare find!   turbo diesel ,tow bar, etc. full service history as new tyres

2014 ISUZU DMAX 4x4 Xtra cab AUTO 130,000 klms,  long tray with removable workstation set up,ex council one owner, alloys, full service

$ 33,995


Hard to find set up! tint, etc rare find! will impress any buyer, one owner Workshop tested, ready for work or play


2010 Toyota Landcruiser 76 SERIES workmate wagon 4.5 litre V8 Turbo Diesel  198,000 klm, bull bar, tow bar, roof rack and cage, side awning, etc

$ gone! great value


Hard to find looking like this !
V8 turbo Diesel, 

 Ready to go., , wow wow wow!!!

2017 HOLDEN COLARADO UPGRADE 2.8 ltr 4x4 AUTO turbo diesel  119,000 klms one owner loaded with extras  $ GONE NOW



6 speed  turbo diesel low klms

One owner, full books save thousands on new rare oportunity etc


2013 ISUZU DMAX  4x4 manual, as good as they come, 119,000 klms bull bar, winch, driving lights, alloys, hard cover, etc, thousands to save here! rare beautiful car !

$ 34,995.00


hard to find in this condition, cool tastful extras, first to see will buy!  rare combo


Looks and drives great!

2012 JEEP WRANGLER UNLIMITED SPORTS, manual, 5 seater, immaculate inside, save thousands plenty spent,suspension upgrade, massive performance as rims and tyres, custom grill, looks and drives awesome one owner 119,000 klms

$ 32,995.00



need to update the old 4x4 ! this ones had thousands spent setting it up and wont last
, one owner,  these dont last

2009 TOYOTA HIACE COMMUTERBUS 14 seater ONLY 40,000 klms, manual air and steer one owner  with the books,

$ now traveling around OZ somewhere


All set up ready to go Great work or tradie vehicle , loads of service history

 must see!

2013/14 NISSAN NAVARA 4x4 low klms 139,000 Turbo Diesel manual good service history, thousands and thousands spent setting this truck up!

$ 24,995.00


thousands spent setting this truck up, got the arb bull bar driving lights arial, snorkle big wheels and tyres, suspension upgrade lift, roof racks, side awning, tow bar, throttle control, tint etc
One owner full service history

Another fine example of the special finds we come across


2015/16 Toyota Hilux Current shape AUTO Turbo diesel 4X4 one owner perfect service history, bull bar tow bar,steel tray,  etc  $to late sorry

2020-01-28 001 2020-01-28 001.JPG
2020-01-28 001 2020-01-28 004.JPG
2020-01-28 001 2020-01-28 003.JPG

What a rare combo, one owner full history AUTO 4x4  drives great,tow bar, ,

Get in quick, this will be gone in no time!

2012 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER PRADO 7 seate turbo diesel ONLY 189,000 klms  one owner perfect service history, gorgeous condition, save now $34,995.00 deposit


 As good as they come luxury at an affordable price tag! these go like a rocket!stunning car absolute credit to the previous owner!

2016 Isuzu D Max

Turbo Diesel 4x2

One owner perfect history

$ 28,995

2019-12-23 001 2019-12-23 001.JPG
2019-12-23 001 2019-12-23 003.JPG
2019-12-23 001 2019-12-23 002.JPG

Great Looking dmax perfect condition good klms

l with lots of features 4x2

save thousands on new, long rego, fitted with as new tyres,, roof rack, , 3.5 tonne tow bar



2015/16 NISSAN NAVARA D23 4x4 turbo diesel 139 klms one council owner! strong long steel tray, air bag suspension, alloys, save thousands

$ 29,995.00




All set up and all the services done!

Looks and drives awesome!

 tow bar.



2016/17 HOLDEN Colorado 4x4 126,000 klms

Full service history history! loaded with extras

$ got tools in it now sorry


Rare find low klm, tow bar, looks and drives like new, Value value value!!  Be Quick





2016/17 Toyota Hilux 4x4 2.8 liter turbo diesel auto, 140 klms  one owner, TJM accesories, bull bar,tow bar rear protection step, suspension upgrade,etc

$ sold


AUTO AUTO AUTO super hard to find combo 


2012 MAZDA BT50 4x4 Turbo Diesel RARE SINGLE CAB 168,000 klms private owner perfect service history, drives spot on! loaded with extras, you will not find better

$ 24,995.00


WOW !!!   4x4 turbo diesel in this price range, and 4x4 tidy as, looks amazing   thousands spent setting this truck up for you the next owner

2010/11 FORD FALCON FG ute super low klms only 70,000 one owner in perfect condition from one of our council clients,  3 seater, tow bar,etc

NOW $ gone aswell


 good klms rare these days,full books one owner,  tow ba !  must see to appreciate how good this truck is!


2013 FORD TRANSIT LWB high roof 6 speed, 69,000klms turbo diesel , good service history, tow bar, nudge bar, lined air con 240 and 12 volt power, led lighting, etc etc

NOW $ 34995


2013low low low low low klms perfect motor home conversion turbo diesel loaded with gear!          

WOW CHECK THIS BAD BOY OUT 2013 Ford Ranger Raptor 4x4 6 speed Turbo diesel thousands spent setting this up

Price: $ too late sorry

2018-09-22 001 2018-09-22 001.JPG
2018-09-22 001 2018-09-22 004.JPG
2018-09-22 001 2018-09-22 003.JPG

Wow turn heads in this bad boy! loaded with gear, off road fender flares, sports raptor grill, bull bar, custom rear bar, suspension upgrade huge performance alloys and tyres ,hard cover full service , rare find!  exceptional condition!   2013 101klm        

2013 Mitsubishi Triton 4x2 high rider single cab Only 169,000 klms ,long tray, tow bar, one owner perfect service history

Price: $ 12,995.00


Rare combo  one owner log books, wont last long here!  tow bar,


2017 FORD TRANSIT CUSTOM AUTO turbo diesel economy, 69,000 klms one mature owner perfect service history, drives great!



 great on fuel!

, rare find!            

SR5 2018/19 Toyota Hilux 4x4 turbo diesel

 ONLY 30,000 KLMS, tow bar, CANOPY, stunning condition AS NEW


Price: $ sold


 perfect for the  family run or tow truck, tow bar,  the best and most original one you will find
, rare find!
      $ 53,995.00    

2014/15 Ford Ranger Raptor Pack AUTO 99,000km

One owner, full service history, thousands and thousand spent.


Price:now only $ gone sorry

2019-04-08 001 2019-04-08 001.JPG
2019-04-08 001 2019-04-08 004.JPG
2019-04-08 001 2019-04-08 003.JPG

3.2 ltr 5 cyld auto only done 99,000 klms, one owner full service history, looks and drives great fantastic $          



Price: $ back in the water now sorry


Rare find !  awesome condition!



22004 Toyota hilux  4x4  manual 270klms,  tow bar, xtra long alloy tray as new tyres, recent gear box and diff replaced drives spot on $to late cheap ones never last long005 FORD XR8 MAGNET ute auto V8 loaded with gear  etc lots of history immaculate

Price: $ deposit


 4x4 turbo diesel low klms, one owner, hard combo to find! rar combo already set up for you           

2013 Volswagon Crafter Van 109000 klms turbo diesel manual lovely  hard to find! one owner

Price: $ deposit

 Wow needle in a hay stack!, drives great, rare find!

one owner!                

2013 Ford Ranger 4x4 126,000 klms one owner, full service history, as new

Price: $ gone

Rare find!  low klms in this price range,ready for work or play!   be quick wont last long          

2014 Toyota Landruiser prado gxl  turbo  Diesel 7 s

Price: $44999

WOW rare find!  as new condition,, tow bar, bull bar, must see to appreciate!  130,000 klms    2014 tooo late      

2009 Mazda BT50 4x4 3.0 ltr Turbo Diesel AUTO amazing condition good klms 172,000, $ im sold sorry

2019-01-09 001 2019-01-09 015.JPG
2019-01-09 001 2019-01-09 016.JPG
2019-01-09 001 2019-01-09 014.JPG

Rare find! Yes  tow bar,one owner! must see to appreciate! drives great 3.0ltr turbo diesel  $17999         

2013 Ford Ranger xtra cab 4x4 3.2 ltr one owner full books 6 speed manual 119,000 klms exceptioal value where is the next one


Price: $ gone


2013 RangerRare find  great value all set up ! ball bar driving lights, side steps, as new OBIECO steel custom heavy duty tray 3.5 tone towing tow bar reverse camera, electric brakes, etc!    $sold

2015 Toyota Hilux Auto 4x4 dual Cab turbo diesel must see, thousands spent, 159,000 klms

Price: $gone

2018-12-21 001 2018-12-21 035.JPG
2018-12-21 001 2018-12-21 037.JPG
2018-12-21 001 2018-12-21 036.JPG

Hard to find good tidy ones,well looked after, bull bar,driving lights, steps, long range tank, reverse camera, canopy, tow bar, ute liner, updated trimtow bar, must see to appreciate! wont last long       thousand and thousands spent on this!  

2008 7 seater Kluger KX R 4x4 automatic l, 220 klms loaded with gear and drives spot on! as traded $14,995.00


turn heads in this bad boy !!!!!

2012/13 Toyota Hilux upgrade model AUTO turbo diesel 4x4, 130,000klms,


2018-12-21 001 2018-12-21 039.JPG
2018-12-21 001 2018-12-21 042.JPG
2018-12-21 001 2018-12-21 041.JPG

Good looker everlasting 3.0ltr turbo diesel drives amazing. fitted with bull bar, driving lights, winch, side brush or roo bars, side steps, long range tank, tow bar, suspension upgrade, canopy, tub liner, performance alloys, larger brakes just to mention a few , must inspect

Flat bottom PUNT 5.3m 40 HP four stroke centre consol tilt trim forward reverse huge roof and seating starage, great power and economy!

Price: $ 9,995.00


Rare find! yes ,, must see to appreciate!   

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